Heat your home today with a Legend Outdoor Wood Furnace!

Reduce your energy bills and sufficiently heat your home with an outdoor wood furnace.

How high will your utility bill be this winter?

We tend to think our house is efficiently heated. But when the temperature dips and we get our first few utility bills, we discover that our current heating approach is not very cost effective.


Legend Outdoor Wood Furnaces gives you the heat efficiency you need during the winter.

Propane prices and electrical rates continue to escalate to record levels with no end in sight to the increases. If you have a wood supply available, the Legend Outdoor Wood Furnace can save you thousands of dollars on your heating and hot water expense.

Energy Independence

By relying on wood as your primary heat source, you can reduce your energy dependence.

High Heating Efficiency

More of the energy contained in the wood is converted into heat for your home.

Cost Savings

Using an outdoor wood furnace can lead to significant cost savings on energy bills.

Less Dust and Allergens

There is less dust and allergen circulation indoors compared to traditional indoor wood stoves.

Reduced Fire Risk

Outdoor wood furnaces have a reduced risk of indoor fires since the furnace is outside the building.

Like you, we want to make sure we keep as much of our hard-earned dollars as we can.

We get it, you work hard for your money and you shouldn't have to spend it all on heating costs during the winter. You have more important priorities. An outdoor wood furnace will allow you to save your hard earned dollars over the long term.

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Legend 4135

Estimated Price


Furnace Only



Fire Box
Width 28"
Height 30"
Length 30"

Width 28"
Height 30"

Outside Measurements
Width 48"
Height 94"
Length 70"

1570 lbs.

Water Capacity
300 gals

Approx. Heating Capacity
2000 - 2500 Square feet

Legend 6180

Estimated Price


Furnace Only



Fire Box Width 28"Height 30"Length 40"

DoorWidth 28"Height 30"

Outside MeasurementsWidth 48"Height 94"Length 94"

Weight1765 lbs.

Water Capacity500 gals

Approx. Heating Capacity
3500 Square feet

Legend 8230

Estimated Price


Furnace Only



Fire Box
Width 28"
Height 30"
Length 50"

DoorWidth 28"Height 30"

Outside MeasurementsWidth 48"Height 94"Length 120"

Weight2040 lbs.

Water Capacity600 gals

Approx. Heating Capacity
5000 Square feet

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    You can rest assured that your house will be efficiently heated while saving you in utility bills this winter.



  • What is an outdoor wood furnace?

    An outdoor wood furnace is a heating system that uses wood as its primary fuel source to provide heat and hot water for buildings. It is typically located outside the structure it heats.

    The wood is burnt in a firebox, and the heat is transferred to water, which is then circulated through insulated pipes into the building to provide heat via a heat exchanger.

  • What types of wood can be used in an outdoor wood furnace?

    Hardwoods like oak, maple, and cherry are preferred because they have higher energy content and burn more efficiently. Avoid using treated or painted wood.

  • How often do I need to load wood into the furnace?

    The frequency of loading wood depends on factors like the size of the furnace, outdoor temperature, and the quality of wood. In cold weather, you may need to load wood every 8-12 hours.

  • Do outdoor wood furnaces require regular maintenance?

    Yes, regular maintenance is necessary. This includes cleaning the firebox, chimney, and ash removal. Annual inspections are also recommended to ensure safety and efficiency.

  • Can I connect multiple buildings to one outdoor wood furnace?

    Yes, you can use a system of underground pipes to connect multiple buildings to a single outdoor wood furnace, making it a versatile option for heating multiple structures.

  • Can an outdoor wood furnace be used as a primary heating source?

    Yes, outdoor wood furnaces can serve as the primary heating source for homes, but their effectiveness depends on factors like climate and insulation in the building.

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